Etsy Wedding Dresses

I imagine we all know  If not, let me describe it for you.  Etsy is more or less an online “craft fair”, where you can purchase handmade and vintage items, craft supplies, and food, among other things.  These items are sold directly from the creator or a small community, verses a large store, this is what helps keep costs reasonable and items eclectic.  We like it for the little things:  earrings, necklaces, fun pillows, holiday decor, scarves, hats and so much more.  I’m sure you know, its the perfect place to get your wedding day jewelry or gifts, but had you ever considered shopping on Etsy for your wedding dress?  The dresses below are a sampling of dresses I found and loved for a Costa Rica wedding.

Wedding Dresses - Etsy

Clockwise, starting from upper left:

DidoCouture- $159, DressyProm – $139, MermaidBridal – $319, Graceloveslace - $1148, Dresstalk – $149, EllaKoStudio – $109


Metallic Wedding Inspiration

We LOOOOVE metallics!  Mixed with bright colors or even muted tones, Costa Rica has lovely flowers for any theme.  Known for our tropical, statement flowers, this design would be perfect!  What do you think?  For more fun ideas visit out Pinterest board.


Geometric Wedding Inspiration

A colorful and fun, Geometric Wedding inspiration board!  Any takers?  We love it.  For more ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board, you will find dress, jewelry, more cake and detail ideas!  Loving searching the web for more inspiration!  :)


I recently had a girlfriend come and visit me in Costa Rica.  I knew that she was a very creative person, but I didn’t realize to what extent she was taking her design expertise.  My friend, Christina Postell, lives in Nashville, TN, where she owns and makes all her products by hand and, for sure, with lots of passion.  She was in the Apparel Design and Production Management program at Auburn University.  Here, she realized design and purse/bag making was something she could pursue as a full time business, after winning a competition in designing and constructing a purse.  She had the vision, good taste, and education.  Two years out of college, she quit her 9-5 and decided to try and make it as a handbag designer.
One year ago, a friend of hers had asked her to make the neck ties for her wedding.  This was after only having made ONE necktie prior to this request.  Her friend needed 21!!!  She also designed and constructed a miniature bow tie for the ring bearer, to surprise the bride, per the mother’s request.  An adorable tie for an adorable ring bearer.  Christina realized how much she loved creating fun and funky ties with interesting fabrics, something that can be a simple accessory…not Niche’s line!  :)  Funny how her ties are even bigger than her bags!
Christina is inspired by fabric.  Even if she has not seen the fabric, she knows what she’s looking for and the moment she sees it, she knows!  It snowballs from there!
Her price points for her bags are between $75-$195.  She has overnight bags, perfect tote sizes to carry around when getting ready for the wedding!!  And the ties are $18-$70.  These are a great groomsman gift and can really make an outfit, something a little bit different, which we always love!  Of course, depending on the quantity you order, prices will vary.
When we spoke with Christina, she was sure to mention she loves custom orders and if she can make it, SHE WILL!  ”I just made my first poncho for a friends music video-my point being, I don’t usually say no.”
When she came to visit, I got my own Niche bag.  Made of canvas, with leather details…its indestructible…which is just what I need in Costa Rica, and wedding coordinating!  Thanks Christina!!!!!
Can be found in: Moxie, Franklin TN; Hello Boys, Nashville,TN; 1907 Apparel, Nashville, TN
I am so happy that you are pursuing your dream and making something of it, and even happier to call you a friend!

Ombre Everywhere

So, we all remember Gwen Stephani’s ombre wedding gown way back when, what DID you think about it?

Well, ombre is back!!!!  And in so many ways, options and ideas seem to be endless!

Here are some of our favorites:

Love this wedding dress on 100 Layer Cake, the ombre adds some funk and romance all at once!!!

The train on this Hendrik Vermeulen Couture, simple, silk, body hugging dress is out of this world!

And the details…

And HAIR!!!!

What do you think about Gwen’s dress now?!  Imagine the possibilities!

What are some ombre wedding ideas you have?

For more Ombre and other wedding ideas, visit our Ombre Everywhere board and our Pinterest page.


Bead or Not to Bead

Jewelry options are endless, coming in any color, shape and size.  Are you looking something petite and simple, or do you want a statement piece, something bold?  Instead of searching online for hours upon hours or spending hundreds of dollars on something at your local jewelry store, have you considered making your jewelry?

When preparing for my wedding I had gone through the same experience, looking for the perfect necklace online, finally when I found it, it was just out of my budget.  Among many other projects my mother and I were working on, we decided that we would also make our own jewelry.  Not only a necklace, but special memories were created with my mom, who is my best friend.

I went to Potomac Bead Company in Hagerstown, MD, as that is where my family lives.  Being an avid “beader”, I love making my own earrings and necklaces, I didn’t take any classes, but if classes is what you need, classes is what they’ve got!  They have everything from Beading 101, Wire Work, to Ring Making.  These bead shops are popping up all over and they are often very similar, offering thousand of bead options, classes, and anything else you may need.  I have found that most bead store employees are very helpful and always willing to teach you something or help you create the perfect piece.

Below is the white and beige fresh water pearl necklace I made for our wedding day, I also used two different silver chains that I wove together.














Would you consider making your own jewelry?



A Pretty Little Secret

We know that the focus is not on you, ONLY on your wedding day.  You’ve got your bridal shower, bachelorette party, engagement party, rehearsal dinner and potentially more!  And you need that perfect little outfit for every event?  Wow, thats a lot of shopping!  Ladies, are we really complaining?

We discovered a website a few months back, we’re always hesitant to share it, as we like to stay original, however, we will let you in on our pretty little secret.  Ruche is a great site for your statement dress or skirt, that funky shoe, or that perfect little accessory.

We wore this outfit to a recent rehearsal dinner.

Lemonade Dress, took off the black belt.  Added a pretty necklace.  And topped if off with a fun pair of wedges.

I hope you like Ruche as much as we do!

Oh, to accessorize…

There are a variety of accessories for your hair, the options are endless, but a fun, funky, and modern company has come up with some amazing options.  Bando offers everything from shoe clips to hair accessories…AND BOY DO THEY have hair accessories, something for EVERYONE!

Bando’s Black Label really mixes it up and would be the ultimate, statement piece for your wedding dress.

We know that these aren’t for everyone, so check out Bando’s Bridal Collection.  Adding a more romantic, subtle accessory, while still making a statement.


Let us know how you make a statement and accessorize those locks!

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